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Eric and Dejah

Client Testimonials

"Her intuition was obvious from the start as she easily identified how conservative we planned on being and how informed we wanted to be throughout the process. I never once doubted that Stacie had our interests above anyone else, including her very own."
- ERIC & DEJAH (above)

"Stacie was great to work for in the sale of our home. We were first time home sellers and she was very thoughtful, thorough and considerate of our unique needs. Stacie is very personable and was quick to respond to all our many questions. We are very thankful we choose Stacie as our Broker. Our house sold quickly, for a desirable amount and the process was very smooth! Thank you Stacie!"

"Melody was a pleasure to work with! She is extremely responsive and had a good knowledge how to best get things done and navigate different challenges that come up in all steps of the home buying process. As a first-time home buyer, I was especially appreciative of her patience."

- beslush - Boone, NC

"Stacie treated us like family. I felt like we were her only clients and that her goal was to find us a home, and that is exactly what she did. Thank you Stacie for being patient, for helping us make good decisions and respecting what we wanted in a our first home purchase. You are the best!"

- H&S Rogers

"Working with Melody was perfect. She knew her market very well and provided tons of useful information. She was very patient and really sought to understand my priorities."

- aramtk - Vilas, NC

"Melody was great to deal with. She asked what we were looking for and then identified houses to meet our needs. She was extremely responsive and communicated every step of the way. After the offer was accepted, Melody handled all of the post closing due diligence and inspection items which was a tremendous help since we were out of town. Would definitely recommend her as your agent!"

- tmorgan117 - Blowing Rock, NC

"Melody made buying a house so easy! She helped us find a home that met all of our needs on a very short timeline. Melody did a ton of research immediately after we contacted her and helped us make an offer on a house within a week. We did not live close to Boone when we were searching and Melody drove all around the area previewing houses for us and letting us know if they were worth our time to see. She was very upfront and honest throughout the whole process with regard to our needs. She would let us know if the house would easily resell based on several factors, as that was a very important part of our search. She is extremely knowledgeable and we felt we could completely trust her to find us the perfect house. Melody helped us negotiate a fair price for our house and was integral in a seamless closing process after we were under contract. She helped us be able to close in only a few weeks and sent helpful and friendly reminders of what we needed to stay on top of. Melody was easy to reach at all times and was always professional and a joy to work with! We would recommend Melody to anyone who is trying to buy a house in the Boone area and is looking for a kind, detail oriented, professional, and trustworthy Realtor."

- Jamie and Bryan - August 2018

"We were moving to Boone, NC from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and we were looking to buy our first home. In addition to being first-time home buyers, we didn't know the local area or a mountain community, so we had a lot to learn! Melody was extremely informative and supportive with our large learning curve. Being from the area, Melody is very knowledgeable. She knew the local market and steered us away from properties that were in areas that experience more market turbulence. She couldn't have been more helpful showing us homes; making an offer, negotiating, getting the contract finalized; setting up inspections; and helping us find service professionals after we closed."

- Heather and Brandon - July 2018

"You cannot go wrong with Stacie Pineda. She was absolutely the best real estate agent we’ve ever had – and we’ve bought and sold 3 homes within the last 10 years! Stacie is super professional and keeps up with all the details that you cannot possibly do yourself because of the sheer magnitude of selling, packing, fixing, and all the stressful things that go along with selling your home. She has a team of people that help her complete what she says she will do on her end of things. And she has a list of contractors to call when those unexpected house-issues arise that need to be addressed ASAP. We never felt as if we were waiting to hear from her – she just stays on top of things. We feel good about recommending her if you need to buy a home in the area. She remembers the homes in the area and will know quite quickly what you want/need. We can go on and on… But really, just reach out to her and she will not disappoint."

- Susan and John Stanton

"Stacie Pineda is a great agent and we echo all the other wonderful things you will read about her...."

- L. Purgason - May 2018

"Stacie is a great agent for all the things you will read. For us, we simply would not have found our home without her. Stacie's network allowed us to see a home before it went on the market and put in a first offer without competing with other buyers. We can truly say Stacie was the best agent for us and we would not hesitate to recommend her to others. We always felt throughout the process that she had our best interest at heart."

- Rob & Lucy

"Melody went above and beyond what we expected for a realtor! She helped us buy our very first house ever in Boone while we were living in Austin, and we didn’t even see the house in person until the day before closing. But because Melody was our realtor, we were confident it would all work out.

We knew absolutely nothing about the house buying process before we met with Melody. But Melody calmly coached us through each step, so we didn’t get overwhelmed, and was constantly looking out for us. She went out of her way to tour many houses for us while we were on FaceTime, or would send us multiple videos, so we could see it from afar. She looked at houses while always focusing on our list of preferences to steer us toward what we were looking for.

Many houses we loved by looking at the pictures online, but once we mentioned them to Melody she knew the area so well, she would immediately tell us the downsides or positives of the house’s location, like if it was hard to get to, if there was a factory nearby, if the roads are bad during winter, etc., many things we would never have known without her expert knowledge of the local area that really protected us from buying something we might have regretted.

During negotiation time, she fought for us during our bidding war. She coached us in how to bid, gave great advice, and helped us win a dream house!

We started the process as scared first-time home buyers, and ended it feeling confident in understanding how the home buying process works and that we got a good deal ALL thanks to Melody’s help! If she can help clueless first-time home buyers from out-of-state buy a beautiful house with ease, she can do anything for anyone!!!"

- Sherri and Dom - May 2018

"Melody Pineda of RE/MAX realty group in Boone, NC did a fantastic job for us as we bought our new home. She is familiar with the area and all the positives and negatives in each aspect of the buying process. She worked above and beyond the call of duty for us. I would highly recommend her if you are considering buying in Boone or the surrounding area."

- Scott and Josie - April 2018

"My husband and I purchased our first home with the help of Stacie Pineda. Stacie listened to our needs and lists of wants and was able to find us homes to look at that met our need for easy and accessible location. She went above and beyond showing us houses as soon as they went on the market and was always easily accessible to navigate us through any questions that arose and to help mediate us through the buying process. Stacie is diligent, hardworking, and transparent. In her role as your agent, she is available to help with any needs you may have when buying your home. I highly recommend Stacie as your real estate agent and trust that she will find you your perfect home as she did for us!"

- Heather Miller

"Are you looking for a realtor to help you buy or sell a home? I highly recommend Melody Pineda with the Stacie Pineda Team at REMAX Realty group. Let me tell you about the crucial role Melody had in my personal home selling story.

The story began three and a half years ago when I purchased my first home. As much as I grew to love my home and as many memories as I had made there, my job, my family, and my life in general were pulling me in a different direction and this house was simply no longer the right one for me. This past winter I began exploring the idea of listing my home for sale. The more I researched, the more overwhelming it all felt. There seemed to be too many intangibles. What if I priced my house too high or too low? How was the real estate market trending? In what ways should I market my home? The questions kept mounting. I realized I needed someone I could trust to guide me through the process.

This is where Melody came to the rescue (not an overstatement). You see, I have been close friends with Melody since high school and I knew she would have the energy, work ethic, levelheadedness, knowledge, and, above all, integrity to smoothly navigate me from listing through negotiations and inspections all the way to closing. If you want to be treated like more than just another client, I promise you that Melody will make every effort to establish a relationship with you and personalize an approach based on your individual needs, background, and character traits. Let me elaborate. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a control freak and a habitual worrier. Here's where Melody found the perfect balance of making sure I felt informed and involved throughout the process, while at the same time giving me peace of mind that she was constantly working on my behalf and looking out for my best interests. Melody went to bat for me every step of the way. From the start we went over how to appropriately stage my home for sale, we discussed the housing market and what comparable homes were priced at and selling for, and we developed a marketing strategy to ensure my home got maximum exposure.

I received an offer on my home promptly and that's where Melody's savvy negotiating skills were on full display, ensuring I received more than fair market value for my house. As the period of due diligence elapsed and closing day proceeded without a hitch, I realized that I never once had to be anxious because I was confident in Melody's abilities and I was kept in the loop from day one. What I expected to be a stressful time of uncertainty and jumping through hoops turned into a journey of learning and even understanding what I hope to find in my next home.

I consider it an honor to have had Melody alongside me to help sell my first house. What's better, I'm looking forward to taking the next step in the journey as I begin looking for my next home where I will make even more memories as I begin the next exciting phase of my life - with the best realtor and friend I could ever hope for by my side!"

- Brad F. - April 2018

"We worked with Melody Pineda, who is a Remax Broker/Realtor in Boone NC, to purchase a home. Melody's expertise and diligence were instrumental in our finding a home with an ideal location. She worked hard to narrow down the list of available houses to those that met our picky requirements, and then she was extremely patient as we kept changing our requirements. She contacted us immediately when new houses came on the market and she scheduled home tours on weekends for our convenience. Melody communicated with us constantly, days and evenings, throughout the negotiation process, and she helped us find inspectors and contractors to inspect the home. She made it all happen! Melody is conscientious, professional, extremely personable and we consider her a good friend. Melody is the only realtor we'd recommend to people interested in selling or buying property in the Boone area."

- Mara and Doug - March 2018

"Thank you, guys! We are beyond please with our experience buying a home with Melody. She was professional, responsive and genuinely cared about the needs of our family. Probably the most helpful support she provided was her local knowledge of the market and the players involved as well as her negotiation skills on our behalf in the final stages of the purchase. She guided us through the complexities and nuances of being a first time home buyer in a new town. We got the price we wanted for the home we wanted in the area that was the best for our family. We are very happy in our new home and highly recommend Melody to anyone looking to jump into the market."

- Dave and Gaby P. - January 2018

Before we moved from Colorado, we contacted Stacie and asked for information regarding homes for sale in the Boone, NC area. She sent us lists of homes to view on Zillow and stayed in touch with us, asking us for feedback as to the homes she recommended. It helped us eliminate some before we arrived in Boone. Stacie was extremely well organized and we began viewing homes as soon as we arrived in Boone. She always listened well to our wishes and was able to provide/eliminate listings based on our comments. She was very thorough in her searches of homes and responsive to our likes and dislikes. She provided guidance when necessary, e.g., North Carolina real estate regulations. She was very prompt in providing documents necessary for making an offer and closing along with aiding us with all the required steps leading to closing. We had a wonderful experience working with Stacie and finding a home that we love. Above all, we believe Stacie to have the highest ethical standards. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.

- Jim and Jerry Landt

If You Really Want to sell your house, or find the perfect house you have dreamed of, there is only one Realtor that you need to call, and that person is Stacie Pineda at Remax Realty in Boone, N.C. We interviewed several realtors in area to find the right match for our needs. Once we met Stacie, there was no doubt she was our choice. She gave it to us straight, but was never pushy. She knew exactly what needed to be done to attract more potential buyers. We followed every suggestion and we had 2 offers within 4 days. Stacie is so personable and easy to work with. We have sold several houses in our lifetime, but Stacie told us the very first day we met with her that if we contracted with her, she would work hard for us AND SHE DID EVERY STEP OF THE WAYTO CLOSING. You could not go wrong with Stacie Pineda, Nor find anyone who will make this difficult transition as painless as possible, and have your back every step of the journey.

- Jim and Morgan

Stacie was very helpful and easy to work with. She worked around our schedule and was always very on top of getting things done in a timely manner. We enjoyed working with her and will recommend her in the future!

- Happy Homeowners, Michael and Amber Scoggin

My house in CO sold in 24 hours and my move to NC was suddenly moved up by a month. I had very limited time to find housing in a market with fairly limited options. Stacie was absolutely amazing. She talked with me over email and the phone to get an idea of my tastes and preferences and then narrowed this down by emailing collections of homes she had pre-reviewed and getting my feedback. When I arrived in town, we had a workable number of possibles (and fallbacks) to look at and quickly were able to narrow things down. I nearly put an offer on two different homes before finally placing an offer on the third one...Stacie was with me through the offer and discovery process as we ran into issues that changed my decision on the first two. Amazingly, on my last day in town, she had heard of a home that was in the process of being built but was not yet on the market and we went to see was absolutely perfect! As I had to return to Colorado...and as the home was not completed and I could only find temporary housing for a month once I returned to Boone...she worked with me and managed a stressful process of last minute inspections and surveys to ensure we closed on the deadline! I recommend Stacie highly for her local knowledge, professional calm and process management, and her follow through on a myriad of details.

- Kim Zahller

Our purchase became more complicated than expected and Stacie was perfect throughout the whole process. She was courteous, prompt, professional and always had our backs. Weeks into the process we always felt like her only client. I will recommend her always.

- Teresa

Our closing took place less than three months after listing.  Stacie was able to help us navigate through all the details and issues that came up.  Nothing flusters her.  She proved herself to be the trustworthy, hard-working, and caring partner we needed in these two transactions.  In addition to her professionalism, Stacie is simply a wonderful person, and it's always a pleasure to work with her.  We are so thankful for her!  If you need a realtor in Watauga County, my husband and I highly recommend Stacie Pineda without reservation.

- Don and Shannon Cox

The thing we liked most was the sense that she wasn't interested in making a quick sale, but was interested in making sure we found the right home for us.
We felt like we had an advocate on our side.

- Mark and Chasity

She kept me in the loop and provided great advice as we got to the final negotiations. She is a true professional, and I say this as someone retired from a career in real estate management. If I were ever to buy or sell in the high country again, I would call on her to represent me.

- John Lawton L & M Diversified Investments, LLC

From staging through closing, Stacie Pineda managed the sale of our condo with professionalism and courtesy.  She has extensive knowledge of the Boone real estate market.  We took her sound advice each step of the way and everything went smoothly.  We would highly recommend Stacie to anyone looking for a realtor in the Boone area.

— Jean Domanico

We hired Stacie Pineda as our realtor to help sell the home we’d lived in for the past 17 years. From the start, we appreciated her eye for what changes could be made to help sell the home, her personal knowledge of the local real estate market, her desire to reach the greatest pool of prospective buyers, and her availability whenever we had a question or concern. The home, despite some unexpected renovation delays and a listing during several less-than-ideal showing months, sold within the time frame Stacie had originally projected. We would highly recommend Stacie Pineda as a realtor.

- Paul & Karen Dagher

Stacie did a great job for me. She is well-informed about the local market, and the ever-changing real estate law in NC. She kept me in the loop and provided great advice as we got to the final negotiations. She is a true professional, and I say this as someone retired from a career in real estate management. If I were ever to buy or sell in the high country again, I would call on her to represent me.

- John Lawton L & M Diversified Investments, LLC

Stacie was more than we could have asked for with our first home purchase. being in the area for only one month we really relied on Stacie's local knowledge to guide us to a great neighborhood in our price range. We would highly recommend Stacie to anyone looking to purchase here in Boone. Her annual Christmas party for her clients and work colleagues was an added bonus!

Stacie does a wonderful job of helping buyers to look at a range of homes to find what best meets their need. She truly cares about helping to find the home that best suits you, the buyer. As a seller, Stacie does a great job of giving direction regarding the market in your area. She is also very active in helping to connect the right market for your home. When I approached Stacie about selling a home with me the second time, she was able to connect me with an appropriate buyer before we even put the house on the market. I know that Stacie always had my best interests at heart as both a seller and a buyer.

- Cindy

Stacie Pineda is a fantastic real estate agent with the knowledge and experience you will appreciate. Having both purchased and sold homes this year, we can attest to Stacie’s efficient, professional work as an advocate for you as a buyer or a seller. We made an offer on our home in Boone just before a busy holiday season. The month or so between our offer and the closing date included four bank holidays, vacations for both realtors involved, an out-of-the-country trip for my husband, illnesses, etc. Despite all the possible delays, Stacie handled our purchase in the most competent and timely way, relieving any concern that came up with her calm, reassuring manner. We closed as planned, thanks to Stacie’s hard work (much of which is “behind the scenes”). When it came to selling our former house, we didn’t think twice about asking Stacie to serve as our listing agent. Again, Stacie proved to be the right person for the job. Our closing took place less than three months after listing. Stacie was able to help us navigate through all the details and issues that came up. Nothing flusters her. She proved herself to be the trustworthy, hard-working, and caring partner we needed in these two transactions. In addition to her professionalism, Stacie is simply a wonderful person, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. We are so thankful for her! If you need a realtor in Watauga County, my husband and I highly recommend Stacie Pineda without reservation.

- Don and Shannon Cox, Boone, NC

Great job on a recent sale in Seven Devils North Carolina!

- Bo

Let me preface this review with a little context: My wife and I are considered "millennials" and recently purchased our first home. As a result, we walked into the whole home buying process a little intimidated, a little overwhelmed, and incredibly suspicious of everyone. We had seen many of our friends blindly walk in to the process, buy homes they simply could not afford, and suffer serious consequences only a few years later. We were determined to be as meticulous and conservative as possible. Stacie came highly recommended from co-workers and others in the community, so we decided to give her a call. Her intuition was obvious from the start as she easily identified how conservative we planned on being and how informed we wanted to be throughout the process. She was incredibly respectful of our financial values and never once tried to talk us into anything. In addition, she held our hand through the whole process, making sure we understood everything. She did this all while showing us respect and never once making us feel stupid, bothersome or ignorant. Additionally, I never once doubted that Stacie had our interests above anyone else, including her very own. All in all, it was a very dignified home-buying experience.

- Eric and Dejah Huxley

Stacie found a house for us in one day! And she helped in every way after - from the offer to the closing. She made the process almost easy. She was very professional but gave advice like a friend when asked. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a home in the Boone area.

- Angie H.

We have used Stacie to both buy and sell and have been exceptionally happy that we did. She sold our home quickly and helped us buy a home that was just what we were looking for. Stacie is so knowledgable and efficient, she had answers for us before we even knew to ask them. She is incredibly trustworthy and works so hard on her client’s behalf. We are so grateful for her.

- Matt and Jamie

Stacie came highly recommended to me by friends and local acquaintances. She generously spent her time and resources helping me to get my home ready to market and stuck with me, providing guidance, throughout the process. I would highly recommend her.

- Nancy Correa

We would like to recommend Stacie Pineda to you for your real estate needs. She helped us find the ideal house. Among other qualities, Stacie was very patient with us and worked hard to get answers to our questions. She not only knows the real estate market in the High Country, she personally knows other realtors, attorneys, contractors, and home owners which helped us gain a better understanding of the uniqueness of this market. She walked us all the way through this process and helped us find a great house for a great price. We would highly recommend Stacie to you for your real estate needs.

- Bill and Tricia Pfister Boone, NC

From staging through closing, Stacie Pineda managed the sale of our condo with professionalism and courtesy. She has extensive knowledge of the Boone real estate market. We took her sound advice each step of the way and everything went smoothly. We would highly recommend Stacie to anyone looking for a realtor in the Boone area.

- Jean Domanico

I contacted Stacie on a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed. Her comps were well researched and she has a great "feel" for the real estate market in The High Country. Stacie took the time to listen to our concerns and answered all of the questions we had regarding the sale of our home, from the initial listing process right through the closing date. She offered great advice while we were negotiating the sale price and was helpful through the inspection process as well. Having a Realtor who cares and you can trust is important, therefore, based on my personal experience with Stacie, I highly recommend her. You'll appreciate her attention to detail, her knowledge of the area and her overall professionalism.

- Andy Miller

It is hard to put into words how amazing Stacie is. We were pessimistic that we would ever find the perfect house for our family because of our unique situation. Stacie not only worked hard to find us the house of our dreams, she was also our cheerleader and advocate every step of the way. There is no way we could have made it through the process without her. We ended up buying a home that far surpassed our expectations, and we're so very grateful to Stacie for everything she did to make that happen.

- Melissa

My Son-in-Law and I spent 3 days with Stacie recently to find he and my daughter a home. It was an excellent experience all the way through. Stacie is warm, caring, a good listener, and she clearly knows her profession well. She knows the area and its many diverse neighborhoods and clearly communicates the information a potential home buyer would want to know. Most importantly Stacie's attention to detail is impeccable. This, for us became very important through the inspection, loan, and escrow process. She went above and beyond her duties to help coordinate and track the many details involved in closing on a home. If you are looking for an agent...I strongly recommend Stacie Pineda!

- Rob Hunter

Stacie is a good business woman. She knows Real Estate and her job well. She makes solid suggestions based on her expertise. Considering the weak market, I think she did well in getting us the best closing price we could have hoped for. Thanks Stacie.

- Joanna

When my husband and I began looking to buy our first home, Stacie came to us highly recommended. As first time home buyers, we were limited in experience and know-how. Stacie walked us through each step of the process and patiently guided us toward the right house for us. We were pleased to find she has a great knowledge of the High Country and was able to find us not only the right house, but the right area for our needs. We would recommend Stacie to anyone who asks. The only downside to finding our home is that we will no longer see her on a daily basis!

- Richard and Taylor

Stacie stuck with us through a long house search when we first moved to Boone and again when we sold years later! I have and will continue to refer people to her whenever possible! She is real, up front but leaves the decisions up to you. Thanks, Stacie!

- Cindy

Stacie truly cares about her clients. We moved from the other side of the country & knew nothing about Watauga County. She was wonderful in describing the area as we had housing, schooling and work locations to consider. We LOVE our house and neighborhood. She really listened to all of our needs and found the perfect spot.

- March 2015

Stacie was a joy to work with! She went above and beyond to provide incredible service. I was so grateful that Stacie understood what I was looking for and sought ways to make it happen. Her initiative and care make her an incredible resource to have in your corner. I have recommended Stacie to many friends and would absolutely continue to do so.

- April

We loved working with Stacie Pineda! She did a wonderful job finding us a home to buy! She listened to our needs, and offered guidance when needed. She was flexible with our work schedule. She did a lot of research on the home we bought that we did not expect her to do, which was really helpful.

- Scott

I am a real estate attorney in the North Carolina high country, and have had the pleasure of working with Stacie Pineda for many years. Stacie is one of the best realtors I have ever worked with. She is very conscientious, communicative, and stays on top of all details for her clients' transactions. She knows the market very well, and finds her clients exceptional deals. She is also a pro at listing and marketing properties for sale. I have been so impressed with her that my wife and I have hired her to help us with buying and selling our own homes. Stacie has earned my highest recommendation.

- Jim Edsall

We are pleased to recommend Stacie Pineda of ReMax Realty, Boone,NC for the purposes of real estate agent representation in the sale of your home. Stacie helped us in the sale of our four bedroom home in Boone in late 2014. We were very impressed in her attention to detail, and follow through in promulgating the sale of the home in a difficult market. Her suggestions often avoided pitfalls and subsequent problems in finalizing a complex sale. She was upbeat but also availed us of her market knowledge and the realities of the market. This avoided unreasonable expectations and led to a successful sale where others had failed. We would use Stacie again in a heartbeat.

- Douglas and Lynne Smith

We enjoyed working with Stacie to find our house in Boone and we had limited time to do so. She is knowledgeable of the market, professional, and friendly. She was persistent and hard working without putting pressure on us. She was flexible and kept our best interests and wishes at the top of the list. We absolutely give Stacie our recommendation when you need to buy or sell.

- Boone, NC

We want to say a special thank you to Stacie Pineda for her excellent service in selling our house. We were so thankful for the excellent advice that she gave is in pricing our home, preparing it for viewings, and dealing with issues as they came up. Stacie was professional throughout our sales process and went above and beyond throughout the process. We would highly recommend Stacie to serve your real estate needs. Thank you, Stacie.

- July 2014

Stacie was extremely helpful with all aspects of selling our home. Her excellent advice enabled us to sell our home to the first family who looked at our house.

- June 2014

I asked Ms.Stacie Pineda to sell my condo in Boone, where the hills are overbuilt with students' housing. Thanks to her integrity, to her determination, to her patience and to the advice she gave me, we were able to bring the sale to a satisfactory conclusion. In a very short time she became a trusted friend, and I would highly recommend her professional services to anyone wanting to buy or sell their property. She is very qualified, and alert to fit the needs of her clients with the current imperatives of the market, an essential element of success. From a grateful and satisfied customer,

JH March 2014

We had been looking for a house for over nine months with no success. A friend recommended we give Stacie a try. After our initial meeting with Stacie we immediately knew she was the realtor for us. We now own our dream home all thanks to her hard work and endless patience. We can't recommend her enough!!

Thanks so much - our dream house in a truly dream location - we are more than pleased. Take a good long rest time - you deserve it. We have so appreciated your care and expertise and personality through it are a true master!

- Boone, North Carolina

It was comforting to recognize that her attention to detail, knowledge of the local real estate market, and her experience would work for our best interest. Would we recommend her to our friends and relatives? Yes, very definitely...

- Palm Bay, Florida

"We will use Stacie for any further real estate transactions and highly recommend her to our friends. Thanks Stacie, it's so wonderful to have a place to call home again."

- Boone, North Carolina

You have gone way past what would have been 'required' and it has meant a lot to us. Your kindness and patience got us through it all.

- Mooresville, North Carolina

Stacie Pineda was instrumental in making my real estate transaction as easy and pleasant as possible in today's environment. Her ability to make me feel that I was her only client was greatly appreciated. I've found my agent and company for my next real estate transaction.

- Fleetwood, North Carolina

Thank you, Stacie, for your professionalism, integrity, and hard work in finding what we consider our dream getaway.

- St. Augustine, Florida

(My husband) and I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did for us when we came to you looking for property. We were looking for a needle in a haystack and you found it! It is only because of your diligent efforts and hard work that we were able to purchase such a nice property.

Having been a Realtor for 24 years, I know what an outstanding job you did and we both appreciate it. We will continue to refer our friends and my clients to you because we know you will work just as hard for them.

Stacie-Thank you so much for your guidance in the purchase of our first home! You were incredibly helpful and kind as we embarked on this venture!

- Boone, NC

Stacie was a pure delight to work with to find our new home. She listened very carefully to our "wish" list, then made our wishes a reality. She was always on time, joyful, and detailed in her profession so that nothing was missed during our purchasing process. Thank you, Stacie, for a wonderful experience!

- Pineville, NC

I can not express how grateful I am for Stacie and the time she spent, going above and beyond what is expected, to make my parents dream for a retirement home a reality. Thank you Stacie. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy a home. You were amazing.

- Boone, NC

Stacie is incredibly thorough and very knowledgeable about the market and the value of homes. She was extremely helpful in moving us in the right direction...

- Boone, NC

We chose to list our log home with Stacie Pineda, of RE/MAX Realtors in Boone, North Carolina because she was highly recommended to us. Now we know why!

When listing a home, you trust your Realtor can expedite the sale. One way in which Stacie did that was by making a list of issues up front that could be potential problems during the home inspection causing a delay or ultimately derailing the house closing. Stacie also knows who best to contact in the area for repairs.

Stacie's entire Realty office works with the seller and updates them whenever the home is shown, giving all feedback, good or bad.

She is up-to-date in keeping with the present day housing market for the area thus knowing how best to price the property. Stacie is not afraid to meet with the seller as many times as is necessary to gain the facts. She is very candid and frank about every issue.

Stacie is definitely the best Realtor in the area and we would recommend her to anyone.

It was a honor to work with Stacie, both on selling my home and purchasing a new one. I found her to be an honorable and honest person, who truly had my best interests at heart. There were challenges in selling my home, but Stacie helped me to carefully navigate each difficult situation that arose. I truly think that I would not have been able to sell my home without her careful advice and support. She was realistic, patient and supportive at every step in the process. She was worth every penny and more and if I ever choose to sell again, she will be my first choice as a realtor. I continue to give her my highest recommendation to all my friends and colleagues.

Stacie Pineda represented my husband and I as we pursued selling our home. She was friendly, thorough, and very helpful through the process. Stacie made our home closing as simple and easy as possible. We would highly recommend using her to anyone!

- Sellers, Boone, NC

Stacie went above and beyond the call of duty, working day and night and on weekends as well, as she managed the purchase of our property. Her attention to detail and consistent, ongoing communication was especially helpful to us as out-of-town buyers. We will definitely call on Stacie again and would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a home.

- Buyers-Winston Salem, NC

As a former real estate attorney, and as someone who has bought and sold numerous properties, I've dealt with hundreds of real estate agents over the years. In my experience, they fall into two categories. The first consists of "order takers" who fill out a standard contract, then sit back and wait for events to unfold. The second category consists of the professionals who understand real estate inside out, and know how to ensure even the most complicated deals make it to closing. Stacie clearly falls into this second category. She's honest, ethical, and really knows her stuff. I recommend her highly to anyone buying or selling real estate in Watauga County.

- J.K., Naples, FL

"Thank you so much for assisting us in the sale of our home in Boone! You have exceeded our expectations serving as our REALTOR, and it has been a pleasure working with you.

When we were in the process of selecting a realtor, our biggest concerns were finding someone who would actively market our home and keep us informed during the marketing process. You did a fantastic job on both, and we will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a top notch realtor.

- Best wishes in all that you do!

Stacie is a remarkable realtor. I had high expectations for her and she exceeded them all. Her knowledge of the high country market was invaluable. She was straight forward and honest, but also worked incredibly hard. I am quite sure that we wouldn't have sold our home without her. I highly recommend her.

- Ashley

Stacie stood by us for a year and a half of house hunting. As first time home buyers we heavily relied on her knowledge of the real estate market and she did not let us down. We found a house with the potential for everything on our wish list at an unbeatable price. Her negotiation skills are top notch and she will not lead you astray. We will continue to recommend Stacie to our friends and will most definitely use her for all our future real estate needs.

When I was looking for a realtor to sell my home in Boone, I carefully read through the testimonials and checked the listings of several realtors. Stacie's stood out for several reasons - mostly because everything sounded professional without sacrificing friendliness. From my first contact -which was by telephone in Chapel Hill -and subsequent meeting in Boone, I was impressed with her confidence, knowledge, and sincere desire to help sell my home. Stacie understood my difficulties with managing a property long distance, and offered useful suggestions for small repairs/ cleaning that needed to be addressed. Though she believed in the worth of the house - as I did - she also recognized the current housing market's influence on selling prices, and readily offered guidance when asked. Her support throughout the process made for a worry-free transaction, because I knew that every detail was being managed by her. One specific example that stands out in my mind: Though the laws had recently changed, Stacie believed that I, as the seller, should be reimbursed for any remaining fuel left in my 3 propane tanks... so she measured them. After measuring 2 in the cold and rain, she called and let me know of the amount. I told her the 3rd was probably similar and an approximation was fine by me. Still - in the rain - Stacie went out and measured the 3rd tank...which was more than expected...thereby saving me extra money. Her attention to detail, knowledge or the housing market, and professional and friendly attributes all make for an outstanding realtor. I will have a condo to sell in Boone in one more year, and plan on contacting Stacie at that time. I strongly recommend her services.

Thank you for your expertise and calm persistent diligence during the process of selling our home. It was a difficult process but your knowledge of the process, and of the intangible dynamics such as how our house compared to others in the market was extremely helpful. I will recommend you highly to anyone I know in need of a realtor!

Stacie, you were so much fun to work with and have a great personality and sense of humor. We appreciate you taking time in your evenings and weekends to help us find the right house and make the purchase final. You were very accessible and easy to get a hold of and that made trying to purchase a house while in another state much easier! We also appreciated how honest you were with us during the whole process and really felt you had our best interest in mind. Thank you for helping us make the dream of our first house a reality!

I truly appreciate all your help during this process. It's obvious to me why you are successful in this industry. I wish you many continued successes.

Stacie is a fantastic professional to work with. She seamlessly guided us through the purchase of our first home, and even when negotiations became more difficult, Stacie was quick to suggest creative solutions that avoided all conflict and resolved any concerns. Stacie is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the housing market and we highly recommend her for any first time home buyer.

- Dan and Louise